7th International Conference

Non-Traditional Cement & Concrete

June, 2023
Brno, Czech Republic

Unfortunately, the Coronavirus pandemic problem has evolved to a situation that makes the realization of 7th International Conference Non-Traditional Cement & Concrete (NTCC) on its presented schedule, not possible. 7th International Conference NTCC will be postponed to the end of June 2023.

The Brno Dragon!

VSB–TUO: Technical University of Ostrava
Institute of Physics of Materials, Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic
Brno University of Technology

Memory of NTCC 2017!

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The sustainable development of the building industry as well as new applications require concretes of specific properties. These concretes prove useful in terms of laboratory testing, but difficulties arise in their practical application and in behaviour prediction as they diverge from common routines, norms and recommendations. The putting of non-traditional concretes into practice represents therefore an interdisciplinary problem. The conference will focus on the exchange of the experience of the research, preparation, testing and application of these materials.

We know that today´s non traditional cements and concretes may become traditional tomorrow. It would be a wonderful thing if even this conference contributed its share towards this goal.


1. Geopolymers
2. Alkali-Activated Materials
3. Clinker-free concrete
4. Concrete with mineral and chemical admixtures
5. High Performance Concrete
6. Durability of non-traditional concrete
7. Sustainable development
8. Damage and fracture of non-traditional concrete
9. Quality control of non-traditional concrete
10. Construction from non-traditional concrete


The conference is organised by Brno University of Technology – Faculties of Civil Engineering and Chemistry, VSB–TUO: Technical University of Ostrava – Faculty of Civil Engineering, and Institute of Physics of Materials, Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic, v. v. i., and it is supported by Czech Concrete Society (CBS). The conference is focused on both theoretical and practical problems in the field of non-traditional cements and concretes.


P.-C. AITCIN (Canada)  H. Y. GHORAB (Egypt)  I. JANOTKA (Slovakia) 
P. KRIVENKO (Ukraine)  W. KURDOWSKI (Poland)  S. MINDESS (Canada) 
A. PALOMO (Spain)  R. RAKHIMOV (Russia)  P. ROVNANIKOVA (Czech Republic) 
M. SANYTSKY (Ukraine)  B. TEPLY (Czech Republic) 


H. ABDELGADER (Libya)  E. BRUHWILER (Switzerland)  N. DE BELIE (Belgium) 
H. J. H. BROUWERS (Netherlands)  R. CAJKA (Czech Republic)  R. CERNY (Czech Republic) 
H. CIFUENTES (Spain)  W. DE CORTE (Belgium)  J. DEJA (Poland) 
J. VAN DEVENTER (Australia)  G. FERRARI (Italy)  H.-J. FEUERBORN (Germany) 
P. HAJEK (Czech Republic)  A. FERNANDEZ-JIMENEZ (Spain)  H. JUSTNES (Norway) 
J. KATZER (Poland)  D. KOLOUSEK (Czech Republic)  M. KOMLJENOVIC (Serbia) 
M. KREJSA (Czech Republic)  I. LANCELLOTTI (Italy)  P. MARTAUZ (Slovakia) 
I. MERTA (Austria)  M. MOSQUET (France)  M. NEWLANDS (Scotland) 
D. NOVAK (Czech Republic)  M. PALOU (Slovakia)  J. PAPAYIANNI (Greece) 
J. PROVIS (United Kingdom)  F. PUERTAS (Spain)  R. PUKL (Czech Republic) 
W. SCHMIDT (Germany)  C. SHI (China)  A. SICAKOVA (Slovakia) 
A. TAGNIT HAMOU (Canada)  P. TRTIK (Czech Republic)  B. VARELA (USA) 
J. L. VITEK (Czech Republic) 


June, 2022 Call for papers
January, 2023 Extended abstract deadline
January, 2023 Notification of acceptance
April, 2023 Submission of camera-ready papers
April, 2023 Registration and fee payment
June, 2023 Conference held in Brno


The 7th International Conference Non-Traditional Cement and Concrete will be held from 24th to 26th June 2020 in Brno. Brno is the second largest city in the Czech Republic and the metropolis of South Moravia. About 400.000 people live there. There are a lot of cultural and other sights (see for example http://www.brno.cz/).

Brno is located 200 km from Prague and 150 km from Vienna (Austria). There are international airports in the cities. A lot of express trains and buses connect these cities with Brno.

Brno has a small international airport but the connection services are fairly limited (http://www.brno-airport.cz/en/).

The conference will be held at the Hotel Continental Brno, Kounicova 6, 602 00 Brno, Czech Republic, http://www.continentalbrno.cz/en/introduction.html. We are negotiating special conference rates in this hotel.


Vlastimil Bilek   Zbynek Kersner   Stanislav Seitl   Hana Simonova   Jan Klusak   Petr Miarka   Jiri Brozovsky


Assoc. Prof. Vlastimil Bilek
VSB–TUO: Technical University of Ostrava
Faculty of Civil Engineering
Ludvika Podeste 1875/17
708 00 Ostrava-Poruba
Czech Republic

Tel.: +420 602 744 586
E-mail: vlastimil.bilek@vsb.cz
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