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Experience in design


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Prospective students
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Cooperation with Ing. Klusáček, Ph.D.:

Riding-hall in Letovice (historical building): calculations of prestressing and losses of prestressing in dependence on temperature.
Vyskov tower Annex building to historical tower in Vyškov- calculations of internal forces caused by prestressing of adjacent tower.

JAPE-PROJEKT, s.r.o. (ing. Jan Perla) — selected projects:

Static design, technical drawing of roofing of IKEA Bratislava, Slovak Republic výrobní dokumentace zastřešení, prefabrikované a monolitické betonové prvky.
3-D model of the Janacek’s National Theatre in Brno: FEM caclulations of statics, stability and geometrical nonlinear response (retrofitting of slender front columns against buckling). Gym Lytomysl
Detailed 3-D FE-modeling of trusses carrying the gym roof in Litomyšl, Masarykova street. Computation of internal forces in steel and timber beams and columns. Gym Lytomysl
Gym Lytomysl

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