Prof. Ing. Břetislav Teplý, CSc. FEng.


Personal data:

·         Name: Teplý,

·         First name: Břetislav

·         Birth date: October 4,1933

·         Birth place: Hodonín, Czech Republic

·         Nationality: Czech

·         Address: Brno University of Technology (BUT), Faculty of Civil Engineering, Department of Chemistry Žižkova 17, 662 37 Brno, Czech Republic

·         Phone: +42-5-41147642, fax: +42-5-41147667

·         E-mail:

·         Home address: Luční 17,  616 00 Brno



·         Dipl. Ing., 1956, Civil Engineering, Technical University (TU) of Brno

·         CSc.(PhD.),1970, TU of Brno


Professional Positions:

·         Consulting engineer (1956 -1961)

·         Assistant Professor (1961-1978), TU Brno

·         Associate Professor (1978 -1995), TU of Brno

·         Professor (May 1995 - August 2000), BUT Brno

·         Head of Department of Structural Mechanics (1990-99), BUT Brno

·         Senior Researcher (1999-2001 Dept of Structural Mechanics, from 2002 Department of Chemistry and      2005-2011 Research centre CIDEAS)


Research Interests:

·         Modelling of concrete degradation

·         Service life prediction

·         Structural safety and reliability

·         Risk analysis



·         RILEM (1998 till present; Technical Committee CIB W080/RILEM TC140 – Life Time Methodologies, 1998-2012)

·         IABSE (1992- 2004)

·         IALCCE (since 2011)

·         Technical Committee of Czech Standard Institute “Reliability and Actions on Structures” (TN 38, 1994-2006)

·         Polish-Slovak-Czech Committee for Civil Engineering (Polish Academy of Science)

·         Engineering Academy of the Czech Republic (since 2004)

·         Czech Institute of Civil Engineers;

·         Czech Society for Mechanics.


Visiting positions:

·         University of Wales, Swansea, UK (October 1969 - June 1970),

·         TU Leipzig, Germany (February 1981).


Granted projects:

·         GA/CR 103/93/2037 "Analysis and Predictions of Life Expectancy of Structures" (1993 - 95)

·         PR 96018 "Support of active presentation on Reliability of structures" (1996)

·         GA/CR 103/97/K003 "Material models for concrete for the assessment of severe accidents in nuclear industry" (1997-02, part: Reliability and modelling)

·         GA/CR 103/97/0074 "Shear effect in, and their impact on, the deformation and stress states on thin wall plated structures" (1997-99)

·         GA/CR 103/00/0603 "Risk assessment of structures the loss of load-bearing capacity and serviceability of thin-walled structures”" (2000-2002).

·         Network PeBBu  (representative for Domain 1; 2003-2005)

·         Centre for integrated design of advanced structures – CIDEAS (2005-2011, responsible for stream 1.1, leader of team CHE).


Co-investigator (selected projects):

·         GA/CR 103/95/0781 "Prediction of concrete carbonation" (1995 - 6)

·         Progressive, reliable and durale structures. Project MSM 0021630519 (2007-2012, main investigator Prof. P. Štěpánek)

·         Stochastic modeling of subsoil-structure interaction (2008-2011, GA 103/08/0752, main investigator Prof. Novák (STM).

·         Simulation SW tools for virtual testing of concrete structures for reliability and service life (2011-2013), TAČR, main investigator Prof. Novák (STM).



Publications (selected)

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