Web page for support of the subject BL005 Concrete structures I

Introduction of BL005: fBL005 - Intro.pdf

Lectures flyer:BL005E_lectures_2017-18.pdf

Entry test: Entry test for the subject BL05.pdf

Supporting frames1:2018-Supporting Frames.pdf

Action on frames: Actions on Frames.pdf

Frames structural analysis: Frames3-Analysis.pdf

Foundations Introduction: 2018_Foundation1.pdf

Footing pad GEO and structural design:2018F_Foundation2.pdf

Design of a pad and UW for flexure; Foundation3pad-flexure.pdf

Punching of a pad: 2018F_Foundation-3b.pdf

Footing strips: Foundation4-strips.pdf

Serviceability limit states part 1:SLS-1.pdf

SLS part 2-1: SLS-2-1.pdf

SLS part 2-2: SLS-2-2.pdf


Deep Girders: Deep Girders.pdf

Joints (gaps): joints.pdf

Themes and rules of BL005 Exam: BL-005_themes_and_rules2018.pdf