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The Faculty of Civil Engineering is situated in the centre of Brno and with an enrolment of over 3,000 students, it is the largest faculty of the Brno Technical University. Studies in this faculty last five years and are completed by the final state examination. The final state examination consists of the defense of a thesis or design and an oral examination before the state examination board.

The Faculty offers the following study programmes: bachelor study programmes, master study programmes and doctoral study programmes.


Students can study six specializations of civil engineering at this faculty:

  • Building Constructions,
  • Building Materials Engineering,
  • Construction and Transportation Engineering,
  • Water Management and Water Structures,
  • Economics and Management in the Building Industry,
  • Surveying and Cartography.

The Building Construction specialization covers fundamental and specialised theoretical subjects and complex engineering approaches to problems of surface structures, with reference to industrial production and progressive technology.

In the Building Materials Engineering branch, students study the physics and chemistry of building materials, principles of mechanical technology, thermodynamics and heat processes, and the fundamentals of automation and scientific management of industrial production of structural materials.

The Construction and Transportation Engineering branch is based on the study of structures that are technologically demanding and dynamically strained, made of concrete, steel, wood, earth and even newly developed materials. This study programme prepares students for future work in planning and construction of transport structures, e.g., roads, railways, airports, streets, elevated railways, tunnels, underground spaces, and other specialised structures.

The Water Management and Water Structures study programme deals with mechanics, hydraulics, hydrology, hydropedology and technology, and the management of large water engineering structures, e.g., river training, drainage, irrigation systems, waterworks, water treatment plants, city and industrial networks, sewage treatment plants and spa equipment.

Students of Economics and Management in the Building Industry study surface structures, concrete structures, transport and water engineering structures, building operations technology, mechanization and construction. Instruction is oriented towards the organisation and planning of constructions, economics of building enterprises, economics of civil engineering, and investment in civil engineering.

The study programme in Surveying and Cartography covers measuring, computing and mapping operations and deals with theoretical and technical geodesy, engineering surveying, mapping, photogrammetry, topographical cartography, land consolidation, land titles, and economics and management in geodesy and cartography.

The Faculty offers the possibility to attend a study programme in Building Construction for fee-paying students in English.


The Faculty of Civil Engineering provides three doctoral study programmes leading to the degrees of "Doctor"(Dr.) in the following fields:

Civil Engineering:

  • Building Constructions,
  • Theory of Structures,
  • Material Engineering,
  • Water Management and Water Structures.

Forensic Engineering:

  • Forensic Engineering.

Geodesy and Cartography:

  • Geodesy and Cartography.


After graduation, students are awarded the following degrees:

  • Bachelor Study Programme (after the state final examination): "bakalář" (i.e. "Bachelor") abbreviated as "Bc.",
  • Master Study Programme (after the state final examination): "inženýr" (i.e. "Engineer") abbreviated as "Ing.",
  • Doctoral Study Programmes (after the state doctoral examination): "doktor" (i.e. "Doctor") abbreviated as "Ph.D.".


At the faculty there are about 270 university teachers of which approximately 9 are professors. The Faculty of Civil Engineering and its individual members are actively engaged in programmes of research with colleagues, educational institutions and companies within the Czech Republic and abroad. In recent years a large number of collaborative efforts have been initiated with universities in various countries all over the world. Many faculty members are actively involved in several European research projects sponsored through, for example, Cooperation in Science and Technology (COST), COPERNICUS and other similar programmes. Departments and individual faculty members also do research on projects funded by the Grant Agency of the Czech Republic.

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